Our Passion

We believe in finding an answer to any problem. We like to offer our clients innovative, out of the box solutions that are best suited to their needs. And then execute each project individually with zeal and fervor from its inception to completion.

Our Unique Process

We believe in keeping it simple, yet creative. We work on the principle that “no one solution fits all”, hence every client’s requirement is addressed independently.

We need to understand and feel your pain-points before we can find a solution for it. We realize there is no advantage in beating around the bush, providing answers that may or may not be the required solution. We want to become a part of your work-process thinking and get an insider view of how the correct solution can be obtained for any problem by creating marketing & digital solutions that are apt for your business and your customer’s experience.

Our Commitments

Our young and talented team takes on each job as a challenge and aspires to execute it best fitted to the client’s brief. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and adhere to stringent timelines and budgets. Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

Our Partners


Bitkraft is a Mumbai based Technology Consulting and Solutions company. Their expertise lies in providing cutting edge technology solutions that are focused on business needs.

Meet Our Team


Shabbir Boxwala

Senior Partner & Managing Director

Taaha Boxwala

Project Manager

Hamza Boxwala

Business Development Manager

Mustafa Rampurawala

Manager, IT Division

Prashanth KR

Concept Designer

Yameen Rawat

Production Manager

Mohammed Anas